BEING onstage

Acting for Leadership

The difference between a nice presentation and an effective one is the ability to go beyond the fear of exposing what is unappealing and revealing that which is most authentic. In BEING on Stage: Acting for Leadership, participants see themselves in the proverbial mirror and discover the parts of themselves that really touch others. Utilizing emotional exploration, performance feedback and expert theater training participants begin to experience a powerful emotional connection to themselves and as a result and new and affecting connection with potential clients, business associates and investors. 

“This was profound. BEING onstage really helped me find something I didn’t know was in me. My plan now is to use it expressing my passion for my business”

— Phil Keane, Blue Sky Farm Productions

“I thought I’d get some tips on the way to say and do things, but it was so much more. It was much more sensitive, it was much more real, it gave me a different feeling about who I am and how I present myself. [It] brought to my attention things I forgot about – when I was younger and how I felt”

— Joan Salbu, Caldwell Banker

Thank you for helping me bring out my badass! It was beautiful, you’re a healer. I got inspired by the work I saw you magically perform, it was very sensitive and skillful – and I’m honored. I’m so happy I came. Thank you.”

JoJo Keane, CEO Inspired Soul