“A note of praise for their performance -- the children were thoroughly engaged and energized by the humor, music and their personalities. What I particularly loved was the originality and sophistication of the music -- I felt like I was watching a Broadway production based both on their performances and the complexity of the music and lyrics. They raised the bar for performance in our library.”  Lois Gross, Children’s Programmer, Hoboken Public Library 

“Thank you for providing us with an amazing performance. Our students were doubled over with laughter. It is hard to keep their attention for one full hour, but somehow The Green Golly Project did!  I hope that we will see them again next school year. “  Janet Heiman, Director, Chicago International Charter School  

"Pure magic! Barbara's amazing gold flute pushes the program from run of the mill into the stellar zone! Their right-on-target material and easy rapport with children are quite remarkable. The world needs more people like Barbara Siesel and Keith Torgan!"    Carolyn Potter Librarian, Fairfax, Marin County Free Library 

“amazing, stupendous, and fabulous… just the best put together children’s ensemble I have had the pleasure to review, ever”             Ahh-Mazing Reviews.com 

“In my 12 plus years of work with important music organizations in Chicago, bringing classical performances to underserved elementary schools lacking music programs, it is rare to see children as attentive, engaged and joyful as I have witnessed them during the many performances of The Green Golly Project. Keith and Barbara provide the students with a well- rounded and excellent performing arts experience - one which the students will most likely remember for the rest of their lives."                              Luciano Pedota, Ravinia Festival  

“I love Green Golly & Her Golden Flute, I think everybody does and I think we’re so lucky to have two amazing performers. The music is wonderful, what they can do is wonderful. People just rave about it We really cherish you and look forward to more”                    Stephanie Morgan, Program Coordinator, Kingston Public Library 

“Kids never respond ‘usually’ to the Green Golly Project they always respond more enthusiastically to the Green Golly Project. Maximo (a usually very timid child) never talks to anybody, Maximo is always hiding behind his chair and he was in Keith’s lap the entire time. He was flying like an airplane, he was playing with the guitar, he would have taken Keith home with him if he could have. He had zero fear this time around. I would recommend the Green Golly Project to everyone. Every library, every school should have these guys at least once – if not twice! They’re phenomenal, phenomenal – whatever it costs!”  Laure DeAngelis Rifkin, Library Director, Washington Twp Library 

“It was such a pleasure to have Green Golly with us this weekend – my response to the show – I was engaged, I was inspired, and I love to watch the children react and get inspired by the music, by the comedy, by the animation of the performers so I would highly recommend it to any school or setting. So, thank you for coming and I can’t wait to see you next year when we do our green heaven project.” Rama Mandel, Creative Assistant and Storyteller at the Family Art Project at Wave Hill 

“We just did a creative aging workshop (Living Creatively with Keith Torgan of the GGP) and the participants came upstairs into my office and just raved about it. So – you all will be back.”                Jude Shanzer, Director of Programming, East Meadow Public Library 

 “Really charming, well done, well produced, with very talented performers. The kids absolutely loved it, kids of all ages were giggling and delighted. and they made the adults giggle! You guys were great, we had a great time – I hope you come back next year!” Tom Schween, Children’s Librarian, El Cerrito Library, El Cerrito, CA 

“Green Golly & Her Golden Flute was an excellent show, the kids really enjoyed it – they had a blast. We hope to see you again next year!” Sylvia Oseira, Children’s Librarian, JFK Library, Hialeah, FL 

“Hi, my name is Ben and I’m six years old and I really liked the story (Will the Real Rumpelstiltskin Puleeze Stand Up), I loved it so much, I just really think it’s a great story, I just really do”                      Ben, Age 7, Marathon Key, Florida 

“The Green Golly Project is awesome!” Latricia Markle, Children’s Librarian, Tenafly Public Library, NJ 

“Today was fabulous, the kids had a great time, the kids were super enthusiastic, they were giggling, and the parents turned into kids too because of Keith and Barbara the wonderful Green Golly Project. We promise to have you come back – very soon!”                  Maggie Suarez, Children’s Librarian, Ramsey Public Library, Ramsey, NJ 

“It was an awesome program and the parents were thrilled and the children enjoyed it. I recommend it highly for anyone.”                          Mary Koob, Children’s Librarian, New Milford Library, NJ 

“We just had the Green Golly Little Kids Little Songs program here and they were wonderful! Book them for your library. The music was wonderful and the singing and the flute. They were so engaged with the children and the songs were imaginative, it was a terrific program.” Kerry Thompson, Programs Coordinator, Madison Public Library, NJ